Hair Transplants Costs, Corn Rows, Scaring. Or a Hair System?

Hair Transplants, are they Right for You?



    So you’re considering hair transplants. After all, those TV ads make it look so simple and wouldn’t it be great to have your own hair back? Assuming that the thousands of dollars you will pay for the procedure; plus the fact you will have to return for more grafts throughout your lifetime as your natural hair loss continues present no problems for you, why not? After all, real is always better isn’t it? Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily true.


  Simply stated, hair transplants are not for everyone! Before proceeding, Consider;


   There are thousands of men who have undergone hair transplants that would give anything to turn back the clock. Hair transplants are an irreversible surgical procedure. What if, after spending all those thousands of dollars, Corn Row Bad Hair Transplants lookyou aren’t happy with the results? Too bad, you’re stuck with it for life! Compare that option with the InvisaSystem custom made just for you from My Hair Man. Our risk-free Guarantee allows you to order with confidence.


   What do the actual clinics that provide Hair Transplant services have to say about the procedure? The following quotes are taken directly from the literature of one of the preeminent hair transplants clinic that advertises regularly on TV.


“Not all patients can achieve the results depicted here.”

  • Contrary to popular belief, hair transplants are not a lifetime cure. Even after the procedures, your non-transplanted hair will continue to thin, requiring additional procedures year after year. Something the salesman usually forgets to mention.
  • All too often, the resulting hair transplants look like “corn rows” or patches of weeds growing wild in a vacant lot. Hardly the look you had in mind.
  • While not considered particularly risky, it is surgery. Complications can and do arise.Hair Transplants Scarring of the scalp shown
  • Severe scaring of the scalp area is unfortunately, common.
  • Many times the Clinic will use non-medical personnel to perform the actual hair transplants in order to free up the physicians time thus running more patients through the Clinic to produce more revenue.
  • As we age over the years, our natural hairline also changes. With the My Hair Man system, these changes can easily be made. A transplanted hairline can never be changed and will look unnatural over time.

   "The physician's current recommendations could change in the future depending upon the patient's rate of future hair loss and other medical factors. The costs associated with the patient's treatment will increase or decrease accordingly."

   "The degree of pain or discomfort experienced by patient's during or after the hair transplants procedure varies among patients."

   "The hair transplants procedure may result in detectable scarring."

   "Hair loss generally continues throughout life and hair transplants do not prevent ongoing hair loss from occurring."

   To be fair, there are hair-transplant physicians who do a fine job with a high customer satisfaction rate. But before you make the decision to pursue that route, you should be armed with as much information as possible. Hair Transplants are permanent. Your selection of this option is literally the "decision of a lifetime." On the other hand, if you don't like your system from My Hair Man, (we're betting you will love it) you can always change it or go back to the old you any time.

   Before allowing anyone to start cutting on your scalp, think about all the options that are available. You can then make an informed decision on what will be best for you. Hair Transplants can cost thousands of dollars for just a hairline. A far wiser option might be to invest in a secure, completely natural looking and virtually undetectable hair system as provided by My Hair Man in the privacy of your own home right over the Internet.

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