Hair Replacement Systems With an Undetectable Hair Line


Finally, an Invisible Natural

Looking Front Hair Line

Invisable front hairline with InvisaSystem


My Hair Man's InvisaSystem


   A completely natural and undetectable front hairline has long been the goal of both Hair System providers and their clients. With the development of the InvisaSystem™, My Hair Man has accomplished that long sought after goal. We have achieved what we feel is a significant step forward which enables us to provide our clients with the most realistic looking, invisible hair line in the industry. Comb your hair into any style, even straight back, secure in the knowledge no one will ever suspect you are wearing a Hair System.

  We start with a random insertion of a few hairs in the very front area, just like a natural growing hairline would have. Over the next few millimeters the density is gradually increased until it reaches your normal hair density. 
The effect replicates normal growing hair and is one of the major reasons why our InvisaSystem™ achieves its completely natural look.
Progressive density invisible hair line

  • Extra fine Lace is incorporated in the front 2” of your system. Your hair will appear as though it is growing directly from your scalp.
  • The very front is inserted one single hair at a time.
  • Density starts very light in the front and increases as it moves further back a few millimeters. This gradual increase in density duplicates a natural growing hair line.
  • We then bleach the knots in the front area to render them invisible.
  • You can view a few of the many Base Options you can select from HERE.


InvisaSystem hairline with bleached knots is undetectable

   In these illustrations we show the difference bleaching the knots where your hair is tied makes. Without bleaching, the knots often show up as black dots.   

   This gentle bleaching removes most of the dark color resulting in an almost invisible knot that allows the hair to look like it is growing right from your own scalp!

bleached knots look invisable


   The photograph of a recent My Hair Man’s client Hair System graphically shows what words can only describe. The result is nothing less than stunning! Isn’t that how you want YOUR hair to look?


   Get started right now with an investment of only $39.95 by ordering our Custom Fitting Kit!

   It's risk-free and Guaranteed to provide the most natural appearance you will ever experience in a Hair System. What are you waiting for, you have nothing to lose!