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Why Choose Us for Your Hair System?


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    Why choose us for your Custom Hair System? Three words come to mind; Value, Service and Quality. We realize that you have options in choosing your Hair System provider. That's why at My Hair Man we strive to go the extra mile; providing our valued clients with the highest quality, best price and superior customer service. We believe that once you experience the difference, you will become a customer for life!

   With a personal balding problem going back some 30 years and a history in the hair industry spanning over two decades, My Hair Man has “been there and done that”. I have not only had bad hair days, there were some bad hair years. Wow! When I look at some of my old pictures; well, enough said!


   Thankfully, the old stereotypes of “rugs” that looked like a dead raccoon sitting on your head, hairpieces blown off by the wind (a favorite comic routine) or worse yet, coming loose when your significant other ran their hands through your hair are long gone. Today, My Hair Man’s Hair Systems are virtually undetectable and completely secure. Just look at our InvisaSystemto view the most natural hairline ever!


   The inevitable question always arises. How can My Hair Man utilize cutting edge techniques with the highest quality materials and workmanship plus personalized service and still price their systems so affordably?


   The answer lies here on the Internet. It allows us to reach thousands of clients without the overhead of Television and Print Media advertising, not to mention the costs that would occur with multiple hair clinic locations throughout the country. These savings in operating costs can then be passed on to you, our client.

   You receive a quality product, individual service and our ironclad Money-Back Guarantee. Our volume allows you to purchase at Factory-Direct Wholesale Pricing. You can in fact, pay many times more and actually receive a product that doesn’t come close to My Hair Man’s high quality standards.

 Invisable Lace Hairline from www.MyHairMan.com

   By using our exclusive Personal Profile, we are able to produce a customized Hair

 System for you. By factoring in your lifestyle, goals, and budget, we are able to

 design a truly personalized system that is perfect for your needs! No other company

 goes to such lengths to satisfy their clientele.


    From the comfort & privacy of your own home, you can order and receive the finest  hair Replacement System available on the market today. Whether you are addressing your hair loss for the first time or are a dedicated hair wearer, you can feel confident when you purchase your system from My Hair Man.


   At last, you can Take Control and avoid the Hair Clubs and other retail rip-offs. We will teach you everything you need to know to easily take care of your system in the privacy of your own home.


   Enjoy your visit and we trust our site will be helpful in your quest for the perfect head of hair. We look forward to serving your needs. Why not get started Risk Free Here today?


Make it a Great (Hair) Day!

Ron Wright

The Hair Man