How Do You Feel About Balding - Quiz, See Yourself Balding?


Bald is Beautiful . . .
Really? Says Who?
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How Feel about Balding - See yourself Balding?



   How do you feel about balding? Certainly celebrities like Howie Mandel and Michael Jordan have led the way in the shave it and forget it style of hair care. If you feel the same way about your baldness, The Hair Man’s advice is go for it! However, for the rest of us (me included) we can’t see ourselves bald as the proverbial billiard ball. Only you can decide what look is right for you.


   Hair has often been described as “our crowning glory”. Certainly we notice another person’s hair almost immediately upon meeting them. In numerous studies, the amount of hair we have plays an important role in how other people perceive us. It may not be fair, but it is a fact of life.


   When prospective employers and significant others were shown photographs of men with and without a full head of hair, the opinions expressed were telling. Using modern retouching techniques to add or remove hair on the same subjects, different groups of people were asked to rate their opinions based on photographs with a full head of hair and in various stages of hair loss and baldness.

Balding, hair loss, thinning hair, baldness 

   The individual with a full head of hair was almost uniformly rated as virile, strong, handsome, intelligent and active. Without a full head of hair, the same individual was often rated as weak, dull, inactive, less virile and even bad or ugly.


   What’s important though is how you feel about your balding hair. To uncover your actual state of mind, answer the following questions about your personal feelings. The results may surprise you! 

   If you answer YES to 2 or more questions, it’s time you seriously considered the options available to take control of your hair loss. If you don't feel good about your balding there are options available; but more about that later. To get a true picture of your actual feelings, you may want to have a friend to provide their input as well. Sometimes, we mask our true deep-seated feelings.  

Quiz: The Bottom Line, How You Feel About Balding

  • Have you ever let your hair grow long in one area so you could comb it over to hide a balding spot?
  • Do you wear a cap to cover your balding hair even if you don't admit that's the reason?
  • Are you sometimes self-conscious when in the presence of others who have a full head of hair, or in the presence of a “potential” significant other?
  • Do comments or jokes about your balding hair bother you?
  • Do you feel you have ever been discriminated against because of your balding hair either socially or in business?
  • Do you believe your balding hair makes you look older than you feel?
  • Have you ever envied men with a full head of hair?
  • Would a full head of hair make you feel better about yourself in business or social situations?
  • Are you finally ready to do something about your balding hair?

   But Hair Man, you might ask, isn’t it vain or self-serving to change what nature has started? Ask yourself; is it vain to put braces on your teeth, or wear contact lenses? To keep your body in shape, dress nicely or improve your appearance in any other way? Of course not!  

Don't Feel Good about your Hair Loss? Consider a Hair Replacement System.

    We realize that you may not have considered a hair replacement system until now, but if you actually DO want to improve your appearance, at least consider our hair system as a viable option. If you don’t feel good about your hair loss and want to look your best, you really have nothing to lose. 

   New materials, methods of inserting the hair and attaching a hair replacement system have improved so dramatically over the last few years that they are undetectable, comfortable and fully secure. See how our InvisaSystem combines leading edge techniques to produce an invisible hair system - InvisaSystem. If you don't like your hair system from MyHairMan, (we're betting you will love it) you can always change it or go back to the old you any time.

   In addition to the InvisaSystem link above, here are a few other links you may find informative. Of course we would invite you to visit our Home Page. Another option would be to start with one page that covers all the Major Topics. To find our how you can get started totally Risk-Free Click Here Today for Details.

   When is the best time to do something about your balding hair? Why put off looking and feeling your best any longer! Besides covering bald spots, hair systems also play a psychological role in helping people recover their self-esteem. Both men and women can feel unattractive without a full head of hair. Take whatever time necessary to fully explore all your options, I'm sure you will find it time well spent.