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How to Care for Your Hair System

   In this section, we are going to cover various tips and procedures for the proper care of your Hair System. It is something you can do quite simply in the comfort and privacy of own home.

   The links we have provided below for you will take to different sections that provide more detailed information on each subject. 

 Attachment Options

   The question often arises about what is the “best” method of attaching Hair Systems. The method you select will largely depend on how you choose to wear your system. Read more at Attachment Options.

 Cleaning your Hair System

   What is the proper way to clean your Hair System if it is attached or not. Also, how do you remove adhesive reside from your system. Read more at Cleaning your Hair System.

 How to Remove your system without damage

   Your goal in removing your Hair Replacement System is to remove it in a way that protects the system’s base and doesn’t remove hair in the process. Read more at Removing your Hair System.

 Styling your Hair

   Any competent Stylist can successfully shape and blend your hair system to look great. Read more at Styling your Hair System.