Mens Hairpieces - Custom Fitting Kit  Save 100% Guaranteed

Hair Replacement System, Custom Fitting Kit


mens hairpieces - hair replacement system - Custom Fitting Kit -

 The easiest way to get started is to order your own Custom Fitting Kit.

  Everything needed to make an exact mold as well as guides on everything you need to know to obtain the finest mens hairpieces available are included.

 You are risking nothing as you can receive* a full refund.

  $39.95 is a small investment to feel comfortable that you are getting the best Hair System anywhere!



   Upon receipt of your order for the Fitting Kit, we will immediately Email you our Personal Profile Form. By analyzing that information, we will be able to recommend the perfect Hair Replacement System customized just for you. Your lifestyle, work, goals and expectations will all be evaluated.  

Your Custom hair replacement system Fitting Kit will be shipped by Priority Mail.

  Your Kit will be rushed to you and since we value your privacy, the label will only identify us as HM. Included in the kit (not everything is shown in the photo) will be;
  • All the materials and easy instructions necessary to make an exact mold of your head for a custom fit in the convenience and privacy of your own home.
  • Recession template guides to help select the degree of hairline recession that will look the most natural and flattering for you.
  • A guide to Design Elements for your consideration.
  • An illustrated guide to choosing the Degree of Wave wanted.
  • Selecting the right Base for your Hair System.
  • How to select your proper Hair Density.
  • How to provide Hair Samples for color matching
  • A detailed Order Form that allows you to input your selections
  • Various other tools and information

   After we have reviewed your Personal Profile, and you have received your Custom Fitting Kit, we will call to review everything before your order is placed into production. We are here every step of the way to help you in your quest to obtain the highest quality, undetectable Hair Replacement System possible at Direct From-The-Factory prices. 


   $39.95 is SUCH a Small Amount to invest in your looks.  By ordering the kit, you will have taken the first step to Looking and Feeling your Best Again. Aren’t you worth it? Why delay, click the Fitting Kit button now.


   Actually, the Kit is free. When you return your mold with your hair system order, we will deduct the Kit price from the order. You can get started Risk-Free HERE.


Fitting Kit -  Mens Hairpieces - Hair Replacement System 



   While I don't know your personally, I can guess some of the questions that may be going through your mind. If you have decided to look your best and already wear a Hair System, you are probably looking for the highest quality system at the best possible price and the best service.
   On the other hand; if you aren't sure that a Hair Replacement System is the right choice, you came to the right place. Since you are viewing this page, I'm pretty confident you have made the decision to at least give it a try. AfterSatisfaction Guaranteed all, what do you have to lose?

   I made my decision years ago that I wanted to look and feel my best. A decision that I have never regretted and should you choose to join me I am sure you will be as pleased as I have been.  

  With a small initial investment, you will receive our Custom Fitting Kit, your Personal Profile and a call to discuss your options. If you are not completely comfortable with going ahead, you have No Obligation to proceed further.

   Why put if off any longer, life is too short to postpone enjoying it to the fullest. Let's get started today!

If you Already Wear a Hair System

    If you have a hair system that you like, send it to us and we can duplicate it exactly. For a proper color match, we will need samples of your natural hair to duplicate in your new system.  

   We can “tweak” the new system if there are any changes you would like to make. Your old system will be returned along with your new one.  

   Just make certain that it is CLEAN and has no adhesive residue. If we have to clean it, there will be an additional $65 charge incurred. 


   * The total cost for the Custom Fitting Kit is only $39.95 including shipping. When you submit an order for your Custom Hair Replacement System within 30 days of its delivery, that price will be credited IN FULL toward your purchase.