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Frequently Asked Questions

    You have questions? We have answers. We have compiled the most common questions that clients have asked and categorized them by subject matter. Just click on the topic that interests you to view the questions and their respective answers.

   There are some subjects that consistently rank near the top and we answer the most frequently asked ones in this section. Don't see your question here? Contact us for a personal answer.

The Most Asked Questions Are:


  • What is best, Human or Synthetic Hair?
  • What Makes a Hair System Undetectable?
  • What is the best Base Material?
  • What is the difference in a Stock System and the Custom System you sell?
  • I am hesitant to break away from my Hair Club. Can I really do everything myself?
  • I already wear a Hair System that I like. Can I have it duplicated?
  • Can I add my hair back gradually, so people won’t notice?
  • I lead an active lifestyle, will it stay attached under extreme conditions?
  • How long will your Hair System last?
  • What if I use Rogaine or Minoxidil, will they grow back my hair?
  • Can I really expect to receive the same quality as the Expensive Retail Outlets?
  • How can you offer a Quality Product for such a Low Price?
  • Will my system come already cut & ready to wear?
  • Why should I choose My Hair Man for my Hair System?