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  At My Hair Man, our mission is to provide the
 hair system wearer the highest quality available,
 with  superior service and affordable pricing.
   The Internet allow us access to thousands of
 clients without the expenses associated with
 Brick & Mortar stores. Those savings can be
 passed on to you without any sacrifice in quality.
   Our InvisaSystem™ is a breakthrough in creating
 an invisible front hairline. We know that once you
 experience the difference you will become a client
 for life.
   It would be our honor to help you look your best
 by providing you with your Hair System needs!
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Hair Replacement System Costs


      Enjoy sayings that realistically could save you thousands by ordering directly from the source. You not only receive the finest quality Hair System available, you also avoid costly Monthly Appointments, Contracts and High-Pressure Sales People. Backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

   All orders automatically include our Custom Fitting kit. Everything needed to make an exact mold as well as guides on everything you need to know to obtain the finest Custom Hair System available are included and will be rushed to you by Priority Mail.



Average Retail
Our Prices

   Custom Hair System

Ave. Retail

Our Price

Complete System



   Full Cap Hair System



*Plus shipping charges


    Order a duplicate System at the same time at a significant discount. We highly recommend that you always have a spare system available “just in case” of any unforeseen circumstances.

 Do you Need an Extra Long Hair Length?
All our Hair Systems include 6" of hair length at no additional cost. If you need a longer length, these
 are the charges.
Hair Length  Extra Charge
Up to 6" Included
8" $30.00
10" $55.00
12" $85.00
14" $115.00
16" $145.00
18" $175.00



Get Started Risk-Free

Unless you are ready to order your Custom Hair System, get started Risk-Free HERE.

Custom Fitting Kit

   When you select "Continue" below, you will be directed to an order form  where you may choose from a list of available options.
   Select the length of hair you need, check the InvisaSystem™  and enter
 shipping information. There is even a discount if a second Hair System is
   Your choices can be modified at will. Only when you are completely
 satisfied with your order will it be added to your Shopping Cart.




Save Even More With A Standing Order


   As you are aware, the trade off incurred when you choose to wear the most undetectable hair systems available is less durability. For most clients, that is an option they are more than willing to make. The fine Lace and other materials we use to give you that completely natural look are by their nature more fragile than the old style easy to detect Hair Systems.

   Of course that means your system will have to be replaced more frequently to maintain your best appearance at all times. That is where our Standing Order Option is a great way to guarantee you will always have a great looking head of hair when you need it. You get a new unit delivered to your door at regularly scheduled intervals and save money plus big discounts on the InvisaSystem as well!

If You Order    Monthly Cost*    Cost Per System*
  A new system every 6 months
 (2 per Year)
$59.66 $358.00
  A new system every 4 months
 (3 per Year)
$86.25 $345.00
  A new system every 3 months
 (4 per Year)
$109.67 $329.00

   *Prices are based on our Custom Hair System (regularly $389.00 less applicable discounts)

with up to 6” hair length. Shipping, full caps and additional hair length may increase your monthly cost.


   If you would like to take advantage of the Standing Order option, please let us know which option you are interested in and we will contact you with further details. Just click on the More Information Button below.



Your Hair System
 is individually made
 to your exacting
 specifications and
 is fully Guaranteed.
  You can order with confidence!




No Down Payments! No Contracts! Cancel Anytime!

You can trust us...

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Every Custom Hair System

We sell comes with a full

30-day Guarantee!


How can I pay?


   For your convenience, we accept Debit Cards, Credit Cards or even your Check.

  For your protection and security, all payments are fully encrypted. We feature 

256–bit SSL and powerful encryption software


  We don't keep a record of your account information. Protecting your security is always the first priority with My Hair Man.

    All purchases are
 fully encrypted using
 256 bit, the highest
 available for your