Hair Replacement Systems Custom Made Save, 100% Guaranteed


Custom hair system for men with hair loss, baldness         She’s going to Love
         the way you look!

Custom Hair Replacement Systems, with Nothing left to Chance

       You need not hesitate to order a custom Hair Replacement System over the internet from My Hair Man. We have the procedures down to a science with nothing left to chance. Upon receipt of your order, we will start with your exclusive Personal Profile. This enables us to recommend options based on your individual lifestyle, personal goals and expectations. This is a unique procedure that only My Hair Man offers.

   While we are evaluating the results of your Personal Profile, your complete Custom Fitting Kit is on the way. Included in the kit is everything you will need to make your Hair System truly unique and tailor made to your individual specifications.

  • All the materials and easy instructions to make an exact mold of your head for a custom fit in the convenience and privacy of your own home.
  • Recession template guides to help select the degree of hairline recession that will look the most natural and flattering for you.
  • A guide to Design Elements for your consideration
  • An illustrated guide to choosing the Degree of Wave wanted for your Hair System
  • How to select your proper Hair Density
  • Selecting the right Base for your hair system
  • How to provide Hair Samples for color matching
  • An Order Form that allows you to input your selections
  • Various other tools and information
Order your Custom Fitting Kit HERE
Custom hair replacement system and toupee for men with hair loss   You have total control over how your Hair System will be constructed, how it will be attached, styled and even blended into your existing hair for that totally natural look!

   One factor in the design of your Hair System is selecting the base material that will accomplish your objectives. No single base style is perfect for everyone. Some bases are more durable, less detectable or more comfortable than other designs. After the selection of your base, the question then becomes what type of hair you will use. Human hair or synthetic are both options, both have a place in the construction of a hair system.

   We will cover hair color, density and how much your hairline should recede. These are the three most common mistakes clients often make and based on your choices will determine if you have a realistic looking hair system or one that looks unnatural.

   How will you attach your hair system? Clips, tape or liquid adhesives are all attachment options. Will you want to take it off every day or leave it on for days or weeks at a time?

   After you return your Custom Fitting Kit, we will follow-up by phoning you and reviewing your order before it goes into production. You can feel comfortable knowing that the Hair System you receive will be a completely Custom Made Hair System designed just for you. Back that up with our no strings Guarantee and you can be confident that we will "Get It Right".
   You can be on your way to looking and feeling your best again starting today. Get started now Risk-Free.