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      The InvisaSystem™ from
 My Hair Man redefines the
 term "undetectable".
    See how we make our Mens Hairpieces disappear on your scalp.
      My Hair Man has achieved an
   impressive step forward with our
   InvisaSystem™ that allows us to
   provide our clients with the most
   realistic looking hairline in the

Side Effects, Rogaine & Propecia - Do they Really Work? - Stops working in 48 weeks


      Millions of dollars have been spent on these
   “cures” for Hair Loss. But do they really work
    and what about Side Effects?

      What happens to your hair if you ever stop
   using them? Find the answers to those questions
   and more here.  Side effects Propecia & Rogaine

   Rogaine or Propecia. Can
  they restore my hair?

    Which one stops working
  after only 48 weeks? 


Getting your Hair Replacement System Done Right -  The Steps we Take

hair replacement system     The steps we take to
insure We Get it Right.
    There are many steps involved in producing a
  first class Hair Replacement System. We have all
 the procedures down to a science with nothing left
 to chance. With our Hair replacement system.
    Our goal is to produce your unique Hair System
  to the highest standards in the industry.

No one wants to be Balding - What is causing your hair loss?

    It doesn’t seem fair; I’m losing my hair while other

  members of my family have a full head of hair. What

  causes hair loss? Male Pattern Balding.

    Why am I Balding,   losing my hair? mens hair loss - balding

Tired of the Hair Club rip-offs? - No Contracts Here - Save Money 

Hair Club reviews    You can break free from
  expensive Hair Clubs.
    Save money with no
  strings attached.

    Won’t it be great not to be tied into long term

  contracts, pushy salespeople and expensive

  maintenance fees? Don’t you have other things you

  would rather spend your hard earned money on?

    We offer aneasy, affordable solution with no

  strings attached. Hair Club reviews.

Hair Transplants - What are the pros and cons - Learn before they cut your scalp

    Considering hair transplants? Before

 you make the decision to pursue that

 route, you should be armed with as

 much information as possible.
    Learn about the pros and cons before

 they start cutting on your scalp.

          Hair Transplant Reviews 

     Are Hair Transplants the
   right choice for me? Read
   about this procedure here. 

 hair transplant corn rows

Select any base material - Lace, Skin, Monofilament - Undetectable Hairline

Lace Base Invisable front hairline      You will have many options
  in the selection of your Base
     We can duplicate any base
  from any manufacture & save
  you hundreds of dollars.
    A Mens Hairpiece Base is the foundation into
 which hair is attached. For your Custom Hair
 Replacement System you will be able to select from
 a wide variety of Bases including Lace, Monofilament
 and Skin.
     Many clients choose a base that combines more
  than one base material to achieve durability and
  an undetectable hairline.
         Mens hairpieces base guide.

Order your Custom Fitting Kit and get started today.

   Everything needed to make an exact mold

 of your head plus detailed guides to insure

 that you will receive the finest Custom Hair

 Replacement System available are included.

        Mens hairpieces Fitting Kit.

   Get started with our
  totally Risk-free
  Custom Fitting Kit.
mens hairpieces Fitting Kit