Male Pattern Balding - Hairloss Hair Loss is common.

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Hairloss is Common - Male Pattern Balding

   Nearly two out of every three men will develop some degree of balding. An even higher percentage of both men and women have at least some form of hairloss during their lives. What causes male pattern balding?


   While there are some medical reasons for hairloss, most balding men suffer from Male Pattern Baldness known by the medical term as Androgenetic Alopecia.  Why does one man suffer from hairloss while his brother has a full head of hair? It’s all in the genes you were born with. Hairloss is an inherited trait, just like the color of your eyes and the balding gene can be inherited from either the father or mother’s side of the family. Unfortunately, once this genetic hairloss process begins, it will continue throughout your lifetime.


   Hairloss, balding, Androgenetic Alopecia Hair Follicle www.myhairman.comEven when balding does not take place, the average person will lose between 50 to 150 hairs every day. Every hair follicle goes through a natural cycle that includes a growth stage, a resting stage, a hairloss stage and a re-growth stage. When male pattern baldness occurs, the hair follicle grows back progressively smaller hair or can stop producing any hair at all. When hairloss begins to exceed growth, balding occurs.


   Unfortunately there is a common belief that hairloss is caused by not taking proper care of you hair. A misconception exploited by those with worthless products to sell. Consumers waste untold millions on shampoos and other so called “miracle” cures. It is important to understand that outside of a few medical causes, hairloss is genetic and our hair follicles are going to live or die based on the genetic coding we were born with. To date, nothing has been found that will completely reverse this hairloss procedure.


   Physicians have adopted a scale that classifies the degree of balding; the Norwood Hairloss Classification Chart. Comparing the illustrations to your own hairloss will give you a good idea of where you are today and where you might be headed.


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